Starting things off!

Hey!Thanks for dropping by,this is where I start.


I heard it somewhere,a while ago that “writing is the painting of the voice”.So here i am giving my mind a free run to where ever it wishes to wander.Will not say”i always had a passion to write or something like deep inside i knew i will start to write”,will rather say this was one of the few things on my “will never do these list”,had an aversion to the language i am currently writing in and penning down something as simple as a”something simple” ┬áseemed quite a formidable task,not because i was not able to but because i thought “i will not be able to”.In order to shape things up i decided to read a bit.Mind blown i was by the way with which the writers were able to express their thoughts,from something as serene as a sunrise to something as horrifying as being an eye-witness to a murder scene.Now this was something that immediately set the bells in my mind ringing,getting to a point”this is something i want”.So,from being in my “will never do these list”,it hopped straight into “have to do these list”.But wanting to do and getting things done are to my understanding poles apart.Having a few attempts at writing a diary did not fare that well,so i was back to ground zero again with “will not be able to do” jumping around somewhere in the back of my head,unable to sense the source of inspiration i had around me,a friend of mine.So i went through her blog,each and every post 4-5 times which had me brimming up with thoughts,it was an eye opener for me as in how things were conveyed with such ease,no rocket science.Thanks to her,eventually leading me to my laptop screen where i am currently trying to start things off,cheers!!

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