It’s more than just a game,it’s a matter of life and death.


The match has just started, with the stadium jam packed.

Red vs Blue a rivalry that has no bounds attached. 

So you settle in, oops no time for that,

a  25-yard effort kissed the crossbar as it sailed high.

All in the red had hearts in their mouth, 

while the ones in blue about to shout out loud.

Both sets cheer their team with their hearts beating in unison,

the 11 at the kick-off are now a family of 12.

With time ticking by and the game still tied,

a slide on the green or an effort on goal,

Has everyone to the edge of their plastic.

Filled with emotions and anxiety, the cheers and jeers now cold

silent prayers, folded hands can be witnessed all around.

Defeat inevitable for one while someone had to emerge victorious,

the blues were the ones that had their hearts shattered today.

There were tears, smiling faces, faces in disbelief, the ones who were angry,

for them, it’s not just a game,

it’s greater than anything you can name.


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