Mother’s Day(Not a happy one)

Mother’s day special.Facing the reality, this time a short story meant for everyone out there.I hope you are not able to like it.


Opens new post..
Typing-to the best mumma(Nah cut cut cut, for this to be socially acceptable, mom is better)
To the best mom in the….
Meanwhile (door knocks, door opens)
She-Beta(son is called as beta in the Hindi language)breakfast is ready, I have made you pancakes , your favorite.
He-Mumma I have told you so many times, don’t open the door until I say come in, what’s the matter with you?

Gets off the bed in with a frown.(Raging )throws a couple of things on the floor.

He- You see this?This lock, it’s been damaged for like ages, and why is there no air conditioner in my room yet?Urrrgh!
You are like the worst mother in the world…
She(in a lowly voice)-Sorry beta, will try to do them as soon as possible .
Door opens,door closes.
To the best mom in the world-Posted(2 hours ago).

(200 likes,100 love reacts,50 comments and a sorry figure in the kitchen)

Happy mother’s day, everyone.


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