This one is for the times you did something wrong,which you should not have.


Full of guilt and regret,

it is one of my deeds I just cannot forget.

It was a time I lost my mind,

stability, and maturity the two things,

I just could not find.

No hold on my nerves I did something awful,

crossed my limit, for which now I feel woeful.

My mind and limbs were not in sync with one another,

them being out and out enemies of each other.

My eyes wide open throughout the night,

one of the rarest of times when I  avoided light.

I now sit in silence, wishing I could go back,

to erase the path I was heading,

a path which lead me to a state in where I am currently dreading.

I am aware there is nothing to set things right,

not even a small flicker to set the room bright.

Sorry won’t undo my crimes,

but I am willing to say it a thousand more times,

a thousand more times…















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