Find yourself.

It’s not poetry this time around, something different.Much more simpler, find it out for yourself and FIND YOURSELF.


Back in time when there was no internet, no power for a “power cut”, and when “man” wasn’t as dominant a living species, life would have been so easy.Roam around free without any barriers of movement.Pluck something off a tree, light the fire, eat, then lay bare chested under the sky without any roof to obstruct the star lit party the sky had to offer.Much like we today say PLUCK, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT.

Psst!Back now to where ever you are reading this, stop imagining yourself being at peace under a silent, night sky.So, fast forward to the 21st Century, “SOMETHING THAT WE DO”, REPEAT. Even after the great evolution of the human mind, and all the technological advances that mankind has seen and lived in, we are incapable of defining the “SOMETHING” that we might want to repeat.It is not so simple these days finding something, that leads to the, “AH! This is what I want to do” moment-Yes, it is hard getting hit by reality.It is rather tougher to find what you want to do rather than actually doing the damn thing.DAMN! where are you “MY THING”? let me be yours.

Why is it so tough to get to know the “you”, who was designed and sent to the planet to carry out the task which each one of us unknowingly knows.With a plethora of options available at our disposal, it is a Herculean task for most of us, finding what we would love to do.Everything seems so good to the eye, look around yourself, even the screen, you are currently leaned into(hopefully :P).It has thousands of aspects, one of which might be “YOUR THING”.The irony being, it is somewhere inside your mind, secured, dozed off, yet, you being the owner of the place are looking for a key to get in.

Back to where we were.The outcome of possibly everything is “beautiful”, but only if you are able to go that far.So, what do we do? Pick up something that seems interesting, something that seems like your thing.What happens next?It turns out to be not “the one”.Then with some reduced hope and weakened efforts your turn out the next one, sadly it didn’t work out this time too.

Now you are starting to get furious, agonized by the way things are working out, life seems to be hard on YOU, everyone else’s life seems so smooth, so simple, much like everyone has found a gold treasure and you are the poorest guy on the entire planet.Now, by conjuring up some strength you find something you could try, hoping this could be the one.Even thinking about trying it seems intimidating.You are overwhelmed with the fear of failure.Period.At this point of time, you only hope of “this being the one”, rather than putting in enough, in actually finding it out.The enthusiasm with which you began your quest is nowhere to be seen and now everything you see seems to be “NOT FOR YOU”.But wait, what if this was to be “the final stop” and you just passed by it thinking and believing, it is not.Only because the other fuel stations were out of fuel, you kept on rolling your bike without even checking it out.Yes, it is exactly as absurd as it sounds.

There is no shame in failing at something, after all, it wasn’t meant for you.You are here to find out a certain treasure, there is nothing at stake, nothing for you to lose.If you find it, consider yourself lucky, If not, remember it’s governed by the underlying principles of probability and the will to be “uncomfortable” and being that way.


Hopefully, you do 🙂



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