Sometimes I feel this is not real,
all of this a grisly nightmare.
I wake up in a haste,
with sweat all over my face,
only to realize that my nightmare was just a recap,
with the next episode about to start anytime soon.
My mind, now, is a constant battlefield, which seems like an eternal one.
The kid, inside me, the only hope I have, with time not on his side,
could leave me within a tick of the clock now,
Unarmed in the battlefield, he went, only there to stop the combat.
The first few bullets missing the mark but injecting fear in my innocent side,
Loud he cried, begged for mercy,
for he’s not here to wage war but only spread love and peace.
With no heed paid, a dagger came flying by,
piercing his embryonic body,
leaving a part of me, saying goodbye.

Now all that is left is not at peace with me,
the soul and the body with weakened ties, they seek a divorce from one another,
the kid, now dead, was the only reason not to why.
The soul is mourning the kid’s death,
the rational side, joyous and proud,
for he, now is the commander in chief of the labyrinth of nerve fibers strangled inside.

In the midst of this confusion, I stand seeking answers, Why?
Somewhere from the heavens, the kid mumbles with a grieving tone,
“Because you didn’t let me try”.




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