low on highs, high on lows.


Low on confidence,

high on the drug,

but they don’t intoxicate me,

like a warm and tight hug.

Low on loved ones,

high on the left ones,

I hear you mumble,

while I talk to myself.

Low on the ground I scramble,

high from the sky I fall,

I wish you could save me,

but there you stand, nice and tall.

Low on highs,

high on lows,

I fear this is the end,

but I’m afraid of letting go.



Now, you go all out.

Hard? It’s meant to be,

Easy is for you to make it.

Defeat? It’ll come to you,

Victory is for you to chase.

Weak? is what they’ll say you are,

Power is what you have in bundles.

Pain? You’ll go through it,

Gain is what you do it for.

Ordinary? is what you already are,

Extra is what you add to it.



So many possibilities and one maybe.

You may be sorry now,

but did you care then?

You may regret now,

but still, have any answers to,

how, why and may be when?


You could have may be stopped,

and took a little pause,

a little pause and thought,

which path were you on.


Not have lied perhaps,

could’ve tried perhaps,

proper care of it,

would not have cried perhaps.


Would’ve been different may be,

no regret, a sick mindset,

turned liability from an asset.


Maybe some other day,

it could’ve worked your way,

maybe some other time,

might not be guilty o’ crime.

Maybe more we, than me,

it would be, then a maybe.






4 a.m. Complete silence .
Almost dead.

4 a.m., dead silence, yet too much noise.

On the top of her rooftop, she peacefully stood.

One step forward to heaven or hell,

or one step back into her shell,

one in where she could only scream or yell.

The current of air, against her will,

drove her back,

back where she hated to be,

again on her own, she struggled to set free.

 One last time she closed her eyelids,

in a hope for the breeze to support her bid.

Something, somehow wanted her to stay,

as the sun was out in the midst of the grey.

She saw her sun that set away the gloom,

one step back not forward, this time,

one for her to blossom and bloom.



For the monster you are and the fairy you pretend to be, this is for everyone out there.

Solitude is what you ask for,

but you’re afraid to be alone.

Peace is what you seek,

but chaos is what you want.

You go into the light,

only to soak up the dark.

Victory is on your bucket list,

for a complete loser, you are.

Angels are on your mind,

but a monster lives inside you.

Love is what you say,

but lust is what drives you.

Friendship is your target,

but the pain is what you inflict.

Trust is your demand,

but a stab in the back is your goodbye gift.

Dear you pretend to be,

but a devil is who you are,

you wish for a life,

but liberation of the soul is what you’ve deserved so far.



The daily you

For those of you who feel like there is nothing that they can try.

With energy and vigour, my days used to begin,

now brain fag and gloom are all I have within.

Laziness is my ruler, for I be his slave,

he continues to suppress my will,

which was once considered a brave.

Him vs my will being a one-sided tie,

with the latter being offhand,

as if it’s just a throw of the die.

I work for him throughout the day,

though I sit idle most of the time,

figuring out my way,

my way out of the water,

which has no ice but an empty tray.






Feel the old man.One last time he tracks back the story of his life.Memories it was named , in maroon it was covered…

There he sat on the creaking old chair,

the wood being younger to the man who comforted there.

There used to be two of these,

now only one,

the other now being a host to none.

With fidgeting hands, he put on his glasses,

maybe for a final look at the journey they embarked,

him being a lone traveller for the last 10 years,

the 10, that took ages to pass.

Memories it was named,

in maroon, it was covered,

Albert and Molly, the names that were silvered.

From the first prom to marriage and from there to their 25th,

he saw it all,

slowly and steadily the wise old guy began to live it all.

With every page flipped, his heart rate sank,

and his eyelids began to shutter slower than they ever did.

The last 11*14, with 18/05/1975, recorded on it,

reflected better than ever and moved out a bit.

He recalled her say”Don’t cry after I leave”

so he wiped off his eye as a promise to keep.

He looked towards the heavens and coaxed out a smile,

as he imagined her say,

“My dear old man, you look better this way”.



This one is for the times you did something wrong,which you should not have.

Full of guilt and regret,

it is one of my deeds I just cannot forget.

It was a time I lost my mind,

stability, and maturity the two things,

I just could not find.

No hold on my nerves I did something awful,

crossed my limit, for which now I feel woeful.

My mind and limbs were not in sync with one another,

them being out and out enemies of each other.

My eyes wide open throughout the night,

one of the rarest of times when I  avoided light.

I now sit in silence, wishing I could go back,

to erase the path I was heading,

a path which lead me to a state in where I am currently dreading.

I am aware there is nothing to set things right,

not even a small flicker to set the room bright.

Sorry won’t undo my crimes,

but I am willing to say it a thousand more times,

a thousand more times…















Mother’s Day(Not a happy one)

Mother’s day special.Facing the reality, this time a short story meant for everyone out there.I hope you are not able to like it.

Opens new post..
Typing-to the best mumma(Nah cut cut cut, for this to be socially acceptable, mom is better)
To the best mom in the….
Meanwhile (door knocks, door opens)
She-Beta(son is called as beta in the Hindi language)breakfast is ready, I have made you pancakes , your favorite.
He-Mumma I have told you so many times, don’t open the door until I say come in, what’s the matter with you?

Gets off the bed in with a frown.(Raging )throws a couple of things on the floor.

He- You see this?This lock, it’s been damaged for like ages, and why is there no air conditioner in my room yet?Urrrgh!
You are like the worst mother in the world…
She(in a lowly voice)-Sorry beta, will try to do them as soon as possible .
Door opens,door closes.
To the best mom in the world-Posted(2 hours ago).

(200 likes,100 love reacts,50 comments and a sorry figure in the kitchen)

Happy mother’s day, everyone.



It’s more than just a game,it’s a matter of life and death.

The match has just started, with the stadium jam packed.

Red vs Blue a rivalry that has no bounds attached. 

So you settle in, oops no time for that,

a  25-yard effort kissed the crossbar as it sailed high.

All in the red had hearts in their mouth, 

while the ones in blue about to shout out loud.

Both sets cheer their team with their hearts beating in unison,

the 11 at the kick-off are now a family of 12.

With time ticking by and the game still tied,

a slide on the green or an effort on goal,

Has everyone to the edge of their plastic.

Filled with emotions and anxiety, the cheers and jeers now cold

silent prayers, folded hands can be witnessed all around.

Defeat inevitable for one while someone had to emerge victorious,

the blues were the ones that had their hearts shattered today.

There were tears, smiling faces, faces in disbelief, the ones who were angry,

for them, it’s not just a game,

it’s greater than anything you can name.